Case Study 2


An Italian utility company asked us to create and maintain a steady flow of qualified leads from scratch.

Their main goal was to get their sales team to focus on closing sales, as opposed to nurturing prospective customers (they had already tried generating qualified leads themselves but had little success because they did not have the necessary telemarketing experience or skills). We got back to them within hours with a basic outline which we further elaborated on during subsequent meetings. We studied their industry and product, formulated a plan, got their approval and executed the campaign. There were moments when the client wanted us to modify our market research and sales pitch. Since we had agreed upon a communications protocol before the campaign was launched, these changes were applied without any adverse effects.


Using our ready-to-buy qualified leads, the company saw a large upturn in their steadily decreasing sales volume. In their words: “[reCALL’s] service got us many new customers and I hired back the staff I fired to not miss sales. Now reCALL is our official sales lead consultant and if it goes like this I will hire more sales staff.”