case study 1


We were approached by an Italian telecom company that wanted to enlist new B2B clients for their corporate communication packages.

Our proposal was a two-phased campaign where the first phase was to cleanse and update their existing database. By the end of the first phase we had compiled the contact details of decision-makers, turnover rates and package-specific information such as bandwidth usage, renewal terms and more. The second phase was the phone powerplay – we worked our way through gatekeepers and contacted each decision-maker with precise information outlining the value proposition of our client. We set a total of 15 appointments as per the request of our client, delivered the pertinent details of each appointment and sent reminders 24 hours before each appointment.


From our client: “reCALL was able to pass secretaries and assistants and reached top managers and set high quality appointments for me. They also contacted me one day before the appointments so I did not forget. The results I got from my appointments are excellent and I have got a raise because of this.”