The idea behind reCALL dates back to late 2014, when two telemarketing professionals decided to form a company that would meet all the communication needs of businesses, non-profits, politicians and high net worth individuals. It soon became painfully apparent it was near impossible for a start-up to provide such wide ranging services for such a wide customer base. That was when reCALL was rethought, reformed and rededicated in line with personal and operational realities. Existing systems and resources were restructured for a more selling oriented service. Non or low performing accounts and services were cut off; if a section did not add value to reCALL, it was shut down. In six months, reCALL was transformed into a successful niche telemarketing business mainly focused on generating sales for client companies and has been going from strength to strength ever since.


Steve Jobs once said “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance”. In other words, how can you score if you don’t shoot? You might miss a few times, but if you keep on shooting, the law of averages state that you will eventually score. That’s what Steve did, it’s also what we did when our initial over-ambitious plan failed.

Think about it. Isn’t perseverance part of the reason why you are here and reading these lines? You are dedicated to generating more sales for your company and are searching for feasible ways to achieve that goal. Up until now, you’ve probably tried various marketing techniques with various levels of success – but not telemarketing. If done correctly, telemarketing is an extremely profitable source of new business. Why? Because it is a proven fact that there is no better direct marketing approach than telemarketing. One-on-one interaction with a decision-maker is the most effective marketing technique, period.

Telemarketing is a continually growing multi-billion dollar industry that consistently outperforms all other forms of marketing. Compared to other methods, it is the most powerful and cost-effective marketing technique available today – reCALL should definitely be a part of your marketing mix.