Sales Oriented Call Center Services

reCALL began operating in mid-2015. In the beginning, we offered an extremely wide range of services that ranged from political campaigns to fundraising. In time, we realized our core strengths were generating sales and actionable data for companies, as well as providing support services. This realization led us to re-evaluate our position. We restructured existing systems, reallocated resources and thus transformed reCALL into the successful niche telemarketing company it is today.

In short, we provide the lifeblood of any company – sales, data and customer support. Please view our case studies to see what we’ve done for others or click below and find out what we can do for you.



You can trust reCALL. Our sole purpose is to add financial value to your business through dependable, efficient and result-oriented services.


The more the better. Our superior telemarketing skills are guaranteed to expand your customer base and increase your market share.


The faster the better. Our proven high-impact services will quicken your growth rate so you can focus on corporate strategy.

We contacted reCALL for a customer satisfaction survey to see how much our customers understood our value proposition compared to what our competitors were offering. Our account manager took the necessary time to understand our company and industry, as well as the competition. After that our survey was carried out exactly as agreed upon during our fact finding meetings. We gained valuable information from our customers that helped us quite a bit in improving and strengthening the loyalty of our customers. It turns out their value proposition is as good as ours. We will be using reCALL again.

Iain MacGregor, Managing Director, UK Telecom Company

I’m with a very competitive telecom company and our salespeople usually come close to filling their quotas but I wanted to see if I could get even more sales so I decided to try reCALL’s outbound selling service. As expected, we first did the back and forth until they understood what I wanted, no surprises there but I was utterly amazed with the ROI because they delivered more sales than my highest performer! This is no small feat because we set our quotas really high to drive our sales team to the max. I have to say reCALL is as good as they claim to be.

Sarah D. Trundle, Sales Manager (England), UK Telecom Company

reCALL is very good because they understand what I need. I need my sales team to sell more and reCALL gives me great quality leads. I gave them a big list and they cleaned it first and then contacted possible customers and returned to me qualified leads. This was my most important goal. I want to also say that reCALL was fast to communicate with me and understand the energy business. Manuela is a professional telemarketer and always sent me my update every day. We are working together now full time after my first project with reCALL.

Gaspare Romani, Sales Manager, Utility Company, Italy

My company wanted new B2B clients for our business communication packages. This is easy to say, not easy to do. If reCALL did not perform this task correctly, my company would be blacklisted. They listened to me carefully, made a very good plan and explained everything to me. In the end, reCALL was able to pass secretaries and assistants and reached top managers and set high quality appointments for me. They also contacted me one day before the appointments so I did not forget. The results I got from my appointments are excellent and I have got a raise because of this.

G. Iacopo Neri, Business Development Manager, Telecom Company, Italy

We sell natural heating gas but our sales dropped because of the economic problems in Italy. We tried promotions and to sell at cheap prices but it did not help, we had to fire two sales staff. We needed hot leads because it is easy to sell to them. I contacted reCALL and they did lead generation and qualification for us. All I will say is their service got us many new customers and I hired back the staff I fired to not miss sales. Now reCALL is our official sales lead consultant and if it goes like this I will hire more sales staff.

Ferruccio Nave, COO, Utility Company, Italy